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Christian Devotional by Pastor Cecil Thompson

Cecil Thompson

John 16:29-30

"Then Jesus' disciples said, 'Now You are speaking clearly and without figures of speech. Now we can see that You know all things and that You do not even need to have anyone ask You questions. This makes us believe that You came from God.' "

I think I have explained that I try to send out the Daily E-Votionals in the early afternoon Pacific Time. That is because some of the readers are in parts of the world that are many hours ahead of us. I want to share that some of Jesus’ disciples struggled to become strong in the faith.

In the seventeenth chapter of John, Jesus begins His prayer by glorifying His Father in heaven and speaking of the things that have been fulfilled through Him, and that the time of His departure and return to be once more with His Father was very near. He then begins to pray for His disciples. Note what He has to say in John 17:6-8: "I have revealed You to those whom You gave Me out of the world. They were Yours; You gave them to Me and they obeyed Your Word. Now they know that everything You have given Me comes from You. For I gave them the Words You gave Me and they accepted them."

As I meditate on those words, I try to imagine that group of twelve disciples who behaved in very much the same way as we do today. Two steps forward and one step back. It makes you wonder how the Lord could have any confidence in them to found the church. Little by little, they began to demonstrate faith in Him.

Faith is always a choice. If we believers had to have things proven to us before we chose to believe, it would not be faith, but a rational action. Real faith requires us to step into the unknown and believe in Jesus because of what we read in His Word, not as a result of what we rationalize.

I just heard Ken Ham, on his program, “Answers In Genesis”, make an interesting observation. He noted that there have been so many discoveries refuting the theory of evolution, that many modern scientists have been forced to theorize that our earth was developed by some intelligent source outside our world. They are willing to believe that little green men in space ships caused it, but reject the reality that a powerful God spoke our world into being.

If we as believers must have things proven to us before we choose to believe, it is not faith, but the result of our rational action. True faith demands that we walk by faith because of what we read in God’s Word. God says it---I believe it---that’s good enough for me.

As disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, we need to come to the place in our spiritual life where we quit the impossible task of trying to figure things out. The Lord knows our present situation as well as what lies ahead for us. One of our biggest problems is that we spend too much time looking at our personal situation instead of looking to the One who is able to control our situations.

Mark chapter nine records an incident in which a man brought his son to Jesus. The son was possessed by an evil spirit. From a human view point, there was no hope for the boy. But the father knew if he brought his son to the Master, he would be healed.

Jesus told the father that everything was possible for him who believes. Watch the words of the father as he responds to Jesus. Mark. 9:24; "Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, 'I do believe; help me to overcome my unbelief.' "

We are told that Jesus rebuked the evil spirit and it left the boy. Jesus' healing took place right after the confession of the boy's father. We can paraphrase it as: "Lord I believe a little bit, but I need you to give me the power to believe totally."

What is the impossible thing in your life that dominates your life? Let me tell you that you have three choices: 1. You can try to solve the problem with your own abilities and continue with the conflict you now are experiencing; 2. You can place it in the hands of the Lord, but still keep your focus on the impossible situation; or, 3. You can place it in His hands and then keep your eyes on Him. The choice is yours. I trust and pray that you make the third choice and that it will be your final answer!

Blessings dear hearts. Walk with God today. Trust Him completely and be a blessing.

--- Pastor Cecil


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