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The Signs!
Christian Devotional by Pastor Cecil Thompson

Pastor Cecil Thompson
Cecil Thompson

Luke 12:54-56

"He said to the crowd: 'When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, 'It's going to rain,'' and it does. And when the south wind blows, you say, 'It's going to be hot,' and it is. Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don't know how to interpret this present time?'"

I really enjoy watching the weather channel. It is amazing to see the eye of a hurricane or typhoon from outer space. Modern technology is able to predict the path of storms long before they actually arrive.

Starting next Sunday there will be an expert team of weather trackers scattered across the middle of America in an attempt to study and report on tornadoes. Many of the pictures will be sent back to the Weather Channel and shown live.

Jesus seems to have something of this in mind when He spoke about people knowing how to predict weather patterns, but fail to understand what is happening in fulfillment of the prophecy given in God's Word.

In Matthew 24, Jesus gives us over twenty signs that mark His second coming. If you go there and read that chapter you will see a description of what is happening in our world at the present time. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your walk with the Lord, there is hope and comfort in knowing that the time is near.

So what does this mean to us? It means that there is a lost and dying world around us facing an eternity in hell unless they repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We have work to do while we remain, so let us be faithful and rescue the perishing.

Blessings dear hearts. Draw near to God today, trust Him completely and be a blessing!

- - - Pastor Cecil


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