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The Daily Bible

Develop a deeper walk with God through the Daily Bible.

If you want to make Bible reading a refreshing personal experience AND have a tool that helps you read the Bible on a consistent basis, The Daily Bible is your answer.


Here's what Pastors and Biblical professors are saying about The Daily Bible:

    "The Daily Bible will provide new strength and courage for living. I recommend this gripping presentation of the Word of God." - Lloyd John Olgilvie, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

    "The Daily Bible is fascinating... and filled with valuable notes and historical information. I recommend it highly." - David Hocking, Pastor, Calvary Church, Santa Ana, California

    "...a skillful and imaginative presentation of the Bible... very helpful." - F.F. Bruce, Professor, University of Manchester


The Daily Bible is the ultimate daily reading Bible, bringing together for the first time:

THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION... the most accurate, phrase for phrase Bible translation in existence. Used by over 45 million people.

    CORRECT CHRONOLOGICAL/HISTORICAL ARRANGEMENT OF EVERY BOOK OF THE BIBLE... now you can easily understand God's wonderful redemptive plan as you read from creation to Revelation in the order the events actually occurred.

    DEVOTIONAL COMMENTARY... leads you smoothly through Scripture, painting the scene for what is about to be read with historical and spiritual insights.

    365 CONVENIENT DAILY READING SEGMENTS... arranged so that you can read the entire Bible in just one year.


"As You Begin... The Daily Bible is conveniently presented for your daily reading so that you may read through the entire Bible in one year. But this is not just another yearly Bible. In fact, it is unlike any other Bible you have ever read. In The Daily Bible, you will read the Scriptures in chronological order, just as the events they portray happened in history. Instead of reading portions of the Old Testament and New Testament at random, in The Daily Bible you will see the events unfold before you like an epic novel. Along the way, you will be led from one passage to another by informative, interesting narrative which sets the scene for what you are about to read.

"If you have never read the Bible from cover to cover, this is the one Bible that will help you do that. It takes you by the hand and leads you gently into "the whole counsel of God." Seeing the big picture, and every separate part in its proper context, you will sometimes be pleasantly surprised, always edified, and greatly challenged. Reading the Bible on a daily basis throughout an entire year will not be a burdensome commitment but a joyous daily renewal of your faith. If your Bible study has taken on a certain sameness over the years, you will discover through The Daily Bible that God really is speaking to you with wonderful words of life!


"Unique, Topical Presentations... As you read, you will find exciting differences between your traditional Bible and The Daily Bible. For the first time, you will have all of the Laws of Moses gathered together in a single, unified presentation by subject matter. You will gain a new appreciation for the history of Israel when you see the ceremonial laws, the dietary and health laws, and the various civil and criminal laws in one place. You will also enjoy the Psalms even more than ever now that they are grouped together by themes: Psalms of the Troubled Soul, Psalms of Joy and Praise, Psalms of the Messiah. And, unique to The Daily Bible, you will discover new insights for your life in the topical arrangement of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

"For all those who have ever wondered where the writings of the prophets fit into the history of the people of Israel, The Daily Bible sorts it out for you. With the dust blown off the writings of these great men of God, you will find yourself at the very threshold of God's presence. Their sermons decrying materialism, injustice, and religious hypocrisy ring out to a dying nation and draw each of us to a more committed response to God.


"The Harmonized Gospels... Many attempts have been made to harmonize the four Gospels or to present them in parallel columns for easy comparison. But The Daiy Bible gives you, for the first time, a totally integrated account of the life of Christ in chronological order. You will come to know Jesus as perhaps never before - intimately! And Paul's various epistles bristle with new meaning when you read them in the context of the Book of Acts, into which they are placed. No other Bible so completely organizes the Scriptures in a way that brings them so easily to life for you.

"The Daily Bible has been divided into 365 easily readable sections. Based on logical content, the readings will vary somewhat in length. On the average, however, each daily reading section is less than five pages and takes about 10 to 15 minutes to read.


"Descriptive Narration - Guides You Smoothly Through the Scriptures... The Daily Bible is neither a retranslation nor a paraphrase. The central text is composed entirely of Scripture, using the widely-acclaimed New International Version. Thoughtful and reflective narrative commentary has been set apart by a screened background, but is written to integrate with the Scriptures in such a way as to be part of an unfolding story. For the most part, the narrative is written in the present tense in order to heighten your own sense of involvement in the lives of those who have sought to know God.

"Throughout this presentation of Scripture, chapter and verse designations are placed in the margin for easy reference. Boldface references indicate passages which are actually shown in the text. Lightface references indicate parallel passages which are duplications of the text presented. Where repetitive text is mixed together, every scriptural thought is preserved in at least one of the passages actually shown. In addition, by the use of elevated book abbreviations, the text itself will indicate which book is being presented at the time. Where verses are rearranged in chronological order, the punctuation and format of the New Internationl Version has been left unaltered.

"The Daily Bible will become your second Bible and constant reading companion for years to come. Giving you a greater appreciation of context and a love for reading God's revelation, it will make Bible reading a refreshing personal experience. To that end, may God richly bless your life and your reading of His Word." - F. LaGard Smith


Much of the text of this document was taken from: The Daily Bible by F. LaGard Smith
Copyright©MMII by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon.
Used by permission.


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