PEMF Healthy Wave Mats by Healthy Wave

Healthy Wave™ Mats from Healthy Wave are a complete 5-therapy wellness solution. They harness key therapies including far infrared heat, PEMF Therapy (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), red light therapy, negative ions, and natural crystals. These therapies work synergistically together to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

What is PEMF Therapy? PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. A PEMF is created by running an electrical current through a copper coil and turning that electrical current off and off. Each time the current is turned off and on is considered one pulse and we then look at how many pulses per second are measured in Hertz (Hz). For example a 10Hz PEMF has 10 pulses per second.

The next important factor in PEMF therapy is the intensity often measured in Gauss or Teslas. The main importance of the intensity of a PEMF is to provide full coverage. While many studies have been done using low and high intensity PEMF, most of the scientific evidence points towards low intensity PEMF being more effective and safe. Too low an intensity and the PEMF waves may not reach far enough to penetrate through your body and too high may have deteriorating effects. Our Healthy Wave mats PEMF intensity is approximately 3 Gauss which is right in the sweet spot of effectiveness being able to easily cover your entire body while lying down on the mat.

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Testimonials Tell It All:

This mat is one of the best thing I have ever done for myself as well for my husband. I’ve used it for about a year and within the first week of using mostly the PEMF, hip and leg pain was almost gone, and as long as I spend 20 minutes a day, I’m almost pain free. I did lots of research into this type of therapy, and finally settled on the 60″ x 24″ size as I’m just under 5′ tall. It’s perfect for me. I’ve recommended to several people that they research PEMF and specifically told them to look at HealthyWave mats. Best money I could have spent for my health. Also, the quality of the product is impressive and the warranty can’t be beat. Do yourself a favor and jump on board. You won’t regret it.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Sharon H.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“Great product! I’ve been using this mat pretty much every day. It helps to relieve a muscle soreness after long day at work or fitness activity. It also helpful during yoga stretches.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Viktoriya P.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“What a great product to help with health. Sometimes use it daily for weeks, sometimes a few times a week. Always always feel better from use and the long term benefits are very noticeable and amazing.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Victoria A.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“We love our multi-wave mat and use it often for stiff muscles, headaches, allergies, and more. It is our “go to” for most ailments. Definitely order the larger width combo if you plan to use the sauna wrap. The mat system is excellent quality and comes with a washable cover, carry case and easy to use controls. The documentation is very good as well.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Penny A.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“We love this mat. It’s very relaxing to lay on it. You can feel it working on you as you relax. It also helps with the aches and pains. I noticed specifically that my knee feels better when I use it. This really is a must-have!” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Maryann D.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“This has been a life changer. I have a frozen diaphragm and all of the pain and spasm in the area of my diaphragm is gone. I primarily use the PEMF and sometimes the heated crystals. I also recommended this to a friend for her 90 year old father. He is so pleased. He can raise his arm to shoulder height for the first time in years. Highly recommend.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Patricia L.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“Thank you so much! I love this thing- I can’t tell you how many people I’ve recommended it to. My neighbor bought one (he’s had 3 back surgeries) and it’s the only thing that helps him with back pain other than my cold laser.
Thanks for having the best customer service too! Appreciate it” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Sue


“Just wanted to tell you that I started sleeping on my mat about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a difference after 2-3 days and everyday I feel a little better! I have a knee with no ACL and the pain is getting better along with better range of motion. Everyday I get up with a little more energy. It really is a game changer and can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a month or 2.” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Victor G.

. . . . . . . . . . .

You have no idea what having the Mat has done for my brother with MS!!!! He says it gives him hope, and has inspired him to go back to therapy and is having great success; all initiated by the Mat! It has to be wonderful to work for such a Company with life-saving products!” – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: V.B

. . . . . . . . . . .

Love my mat! I have DDD and Chronic TMJ pain and this really helps a lot. Instead of popping pills I hop on this mat after a long day and all the stress melts away along with my pain. Love all the other health benefits that come along with it too. Even my dog lays with me on it. Not a waste of money in the slightest. Looking forward to reaping the benefits for years to come from this quality made product! Thank you health wave! – Take a look >>

Testimonial By: Krystal Davis

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